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About Cosmetic Executive Women

Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) is a nonprofit professional organization with over 5,000 executives, both women and men, in the beauty, cosmetics, fragrance and related industries. CEW is based in New York City, NY, and it has associated organizations in France and the United Kingdom.


Cosmetic Executive Women develops the leadership potential of our members
through access, connections, networking and the sharing of knowledge.

CEW’s programming provides:

  • Professional Development and Networking
    Career workshops, networking events, online mentoring, beauty career center
  • Industry Insights and Access to Leaders
    Speaker series, news forums, industry newsletters
  • Recognition of Industry Achievement and Innovation
    Annual programs honoring women leaders and product innovation

CEW Membership

CEW has over 5,000 members in beauty, including manufacturers, suppliers, publishers and retailers from over 1,100 companies. Membership is multigenerational and open to entry-, mid- and senior-level executives.

CEW History: A Brief Overview

Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) was founded in 1954 as a social organization. In 1975, CEW became a not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote the contributions of women in the cosmetics industry. CEW expanded its mission in 1985 to include education, philanthropy and industry development.

CEW’s philanthropic arm, the CEW Foundation, was established in 1991 to help women better their lives. In 2001, the Foundation developed the Cancer and Careers program, an online and offline resource for employees with cancer.

We are more than 5,000 women and men.
1,100 companies.
And one powerful community.
We are executives mentoring new generations of leaders.
Professionals making new connections.
Employees learning valuable new skills.
We recognize excellence and reward innovation.
And we are helping people fighting cancer continue to work and thrive.
We are the world’s eminent organization for beauty executives.
We teach.
We connect.
We grow.
We support.
We inspire.
We. Are. CEW.

CEW News
CEW Foundation’s Cancer and Careers is dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events. For information on Cancer and Careers, click here: cancerandcareers.org.