Ingredients and Formulation

Elementis Specialty

BENTONE(R) LUXE Natural Formulation Enabler

2020 Finalist

BENTONE® LUXE WN is a 98% natural multifunctional ingredient that combines clay-based rheology modifier combined with natural emulsifiers and a natural emollient. This exclusive combination is specially processed to yield a product that effectively and efficiently provides both thickening and emulsification in one package. One key to this innovation is the special processing employed which forms an easy-to-use, cold-process-able gelled product. Our chemists found that this particular blend of ingredients gave superior performance in stability, emulsification, and sensory flexibility in emulsion formulas. These formulas apply easily and have a light, non-greasy feel even when high levels of oil are used.

These products are sold in pails and drums.

This product was launched at In-Cosmetics Global 2019 in Paris and was short-listed as one of the most innovative new raw materials.

BENTONE® LUXE is an amazing multifunctional ingredient that creates interesting sensorial formulas. It is so easy to use that with just 3 ingredients and simple shaking, you can make a beautiful, stable lotion. The incredible versatility of BENTONE® LUXE gives formulators and consumers alike the ability to create simple natural, bespoke skin care and color cosmetic formulas. BENTONE® LUXE is 98% natural origin, vegan and globally approved.