Ingredients and Formulation

Catalent Cosmetics

Catalent Superstar Brightening Drone™ Cosmopod® Capsules

2019 Finalist

This formula takes a multi-targeted approach to address the range of factors that impact skin pigmentation, such as melanin synthesis, glycation, stress induced pigmentation, UV oxidation, inflammation, and pollution. Clinical data shows overall lightening and decrease in color intensity of dark spots by 18.83% and of the skin by 9.57%. More than 90% of subjects assessed showed improvement of skin color homogeneity, brightness, smoothness, elasticity, and tone.

The unique unit-dose delivery system, Cosmopod® capsules, features the patented Vegicaps® shell, a plant-based, biodegradable, and elegant format for presenting luxury skin care formulations. Hermetically sealed, the capsule protects actives for full potency, eliminates the need for preservatives, and has a stability claim of 30+ months. Consumers have shared, “Simple yet chic delivery with a generous amount in each capsule” and “I see these capsules everywhere and now that I’ve tried them, I’m shocked at how much I liked these and definitely want to make them part of my routine!”

This is a proactive formulation developed not yet launched, and is available in our library of market-ready products.

This scientifically advanced formula combines a cell-targeting delivery system with natural botanicals for noticeably improved skin. With regular use, the product lightens age spots, soothes hyperpigmentation and supports the skin structure for an overall glow. The Drone™ technology delivers actives to specific cells for maximum results. A blend of botanicals, including cocos nucifera/medicago santiva, sclareolide, hop extract, licorice extract, and olive oil work to keep skin hydrated, smooth, supple and bright, and reset the circadian rhythm of the cells.