Chill Aromatic Alchemy

2019 Winner

In this elegant formula, long-time herbalist and aromatherapist, Barbara Close, blends proven, clinical-grade essential oils that provide a wide range of both uplifting and relaxing responses in the body.

Perfect for travel, Naturopathica’s signature cobalt blue bottle is fitted with a custom dropper. To use, place 2–3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands briskly and inhale deeply. and Naturopathica spa partners.

Prized by herbalists for their relaxing effect, the sweet apple-like notes of chamomile are blended with sparkling citrus notes of lemon verbena and neroli blossoms and then delicately layered with the hypnotic powers of bee balm to calm anxious thoughts, soothe frayed nerves, or promote rest and relaxation.