Hair Tools

T3 Micro, Inc.


2018 Finalist

The T3 CURA Dryer is equipped with T3 Digital IonAir technology, which is digitally-controlled heat, which is the optimal combination of heat + air speed + wide airflow. It dries hair quickly while maintaining body and shine. The dryer’s ion generator and airstream enriched with negative ions allows for smooth, frizz-free & shiny results. Additionally, the 3 digitally controlled heat settings maintain a steady temperature and provide custom heat levels for ANY hair type, resulting in healthy styling.

The T3 Cura LUXE will launch in December 2017 on

The new T3 CURA dryer features a completely new aesthetic design for the brand’s flagship product. In T3’s iconic white and rose gold colors, the T3 CURA is lightweight and quiet with multiple styling settings (3 heat and 2 speed) and 2 different sized concentrators depending on styling needs. Equipped with a long life motor and T3’s proprietary digital IonAir technology, the dryer ensures a reliable and luxurious drying experience.