Unisex Fragrance


Eau de Minthé Eau de Parfum

2020 Winner

Fragrance Supplier: Firmenich

Eau de Minthé contains Cascade Mint, a new hybrid plant created exclusively for the brand in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. The gender-neutral scent contains Mint and lively floral notes of Geranium, Rose Oxide and Patchouli, combining to create diptyque’s first fougère.

Art & Materials are the two inseparable and corresponding parts of the packaging that has been inspiring diptyque’s creations since its beginnings. The illustration on the Eau de Minthé packaging includes mint leaves, fern leaves, the nymph Minthé, and barbershop’s typography.


In Greek mythology, fragrances are often born from a combination of romantic, poetry and metamorphosis. Thus, mint’s incomparable scent is said to come from the nymph Minthé, who was transformed into a fragrant plant by the god Hades. Eau de Minthé was inspired by this myth, drawing on the scent of mint to reinvent an emblematic perfumery accord: fougère. At the very heart of the composition, the aromatic freshness of mint enhances the lively floral notes of geranium while patchouli softens this duo with its profound depths.