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Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation

2020 Finalist

Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation decodes your shades with Clinique Shade-Match Science, a proven method for determining your most flattering combination of foundation and lip shades. The secret behind these perfect shades? The Golden Ratio, a harmonious proportion that underlies the most beautiful works of art and nature. Using an algorithm built on this ratio, we can now translate this relationship to the world of color to find the face and lip shades that best flatter each other—and you. We begin with your face foundation as a reflection of your true skin shade. We then plot that exact shade on a 3D color wheel. We apply our algorithm, which yields a new data point - the lip shades that best complement your complexion.

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Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation is a collection of 28 custom-fit, complexion-enhancing lip shades, from lights to super-saturated deeps. Each shade creates a family of lip looks varying in intensity that are calculated and customized just for you – Naked, Casual, and Glam – based on the same color relationship with your skin tone. So, you can play with different looks and moods, knowing each one looks just right.