Ingredients and Formulation


FiberDesign™ Sensation

2020 Finalist

Cargill's long history in food ingredients gives a technical advantage when creating new raw materials. With many food ingredients crossing over to the beauty care formulations, Cargill Beauty identified a texturizer which utilizes citrus peel fiber. By physically activating the citrus peel fiber and co-processing with sclerotium gum, Cargill Beauty has developed a natural rheology modifier. It is compatible in traditional cosmetic formulations and it is versatile enough to create a range of textures. This cold processable ingredient delivers a unique skin after-feel and long-lasting freshness. New data has also identified a cooling effect that offers a non-irritating alternative to traditional ethanol and menthol system

Cargill works directly with global and regional accounts, and also uses Univar as its exclusive distributor in North America, South America and Europe to reach customers of all sizes.

FiberDesign™ Sensation is a new texturizer and emulsion stabilizer inspired by the upcycling movement. Cargill has aspired to achieve zero waste by using the side stream of food grade lemon juice by extracting pectin, a food texturizer. Now, Cargill Beauty takes it one step further by extracting the citrus peel fibers to create a naturally derived rheology modifier. By using 96% of the lemon for consumer products, Cargill Beauty has created a readily biodegradable cosmetic ingredient which is more sustainable.