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Love & Flowers Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil Perfume

2020 Finalist

Fragrance Supplier: globally sourced, all natural essential oils

Our organic and naturally sourced Jasmine Oil will provide a natural, long lasting scent. Reminiscent of freshly-opened, sun-warmed jasmine blossoms, the classic, sultry scent embraces your senses. Surrounding yourself with this aromatic fragrance will improve your mood as jasmine oil provides many benefits.

Love & Flowers Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil Perfume is housed in a small glass bottle with a roller ball applicator.

February 2019, EOProducts.com

Our essential oil perfume is made from all natural and organic ingredients making it the best way to surround yourself with a light refreshing fragrance. The organic jojoba oil distributes scent evenly upon application while Vitamin E and organic castor oil make sure the scent lingers all day. With ingredients sourced from all around the world, we make sure they come in their purest form, unadulterated and paraben-free. This all natural perfume will not irritate or overpower.