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Patrick Ta Beauty

Major Glow Highlighting Mist

2020 Finalist

This Highlighting Mist, an aerosol glow product, first of its kind keeps skin looking like skin. Unlike other powder highlighters that accentuate the skin’s texture, this fine Mist floats on top of the skin, creating a flawless finish. Argan oil and lavender mixed with a hydrophobic emollient, insure for a long-lasting, hydrating glow.

Delivered through a fine mist aerosol bottle, this highlighter is a super-fine, blotch-free spray that creates a light-catching glow.

Sephora stores,,

Unlike any other product on the market, Major Glow Highlighting Mist, is a unique highlighter with an editorial twist. This fine pearlescent mist seamlessly hits the high points of the face to create a flawless, transparent, and multidimensional glow. Mist on the cheekbones, collarbones, décolleté – anywhere you want the eyes to travel. This product launched April 2019.