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Morning Expert Wake Up Drops

Tengram Capital Management, L.P.
2020 Winner

Inhale these super drops on waking to banish fatigue, increase concentration and feel more positive each morning to wake up well. Upon waking add 3-5 drops to an oil burner and infuse your bedroom or living area with this unique fragrance. If you can,find somewhere to sit peacefully, close your eyes and breathe deeply or simply go about your morning calmly.,

A scientifically developed “functional fragrance”, morning expert wake up drops contain 100% natural Peppermint,
Rosemary and Lavandin pure essential oils. Created through brain imaging studies (fMRI) the Morning Expert fragrance – when smelt on waking – is proven to activate the parts of the brain associated with reward, memory and enhanced perception, with the potential to improve alertness, focus and positivity – particularly amongst the sleep deprived or those
who struggle with morning alertness. Encouraging optimal morning wellbeing, sharpened focus and a more positive outlook on the day.