Hair Shampoo/Hair Conditioner

Living Proof

Perfect hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo

2020 Winner

Our chemists faced two big challenges in formulating this product: removing all three causes of buildup from your hair and scalp, and finding the right product form. They were looking to create something that completely cleansed your hair without stripping your scalp. After much iterating, they settled on formula #61: a shampoo with a dark emulsion that starts as a cream and works its way into a lather. The unique format combines the benefits of fully cleansing your hair while keeping your scalp feeling hydrated.

Encased in a grey gradient tube, this easy-to-apply product has a simple, white cap that snaps open and shut, allowing users to lightly squeeze desired amount of product onto hands for easy distribution with no spillage.

This non-stripping, color safe shampoo gently removes 3 big causes of buildup: product, hard water and pollution. The innovative cream-to-lather formula means you can fully cleanse your hair without leaving it feeling stripped. The highly charged anionic polymer helps pull product buildup from your hair, while the chelating agent binds to the metal ions in hard water and removes them from your hair. Gentle but super-efficient, sulfate-free surfactants remove pollution buildup and activated charcoal absorbs excess oil from your hair and scalp.