Iconic Beauty Award - Prestige


PITERA™ Essence

P&G Beauty
2020 Winner

PITERA is one of a kind. Discovered 39 years ago in Japan, PITERA is derived from a natural fermentation process of a special yeast strain that is exclusive to SK-II. It's a well kept Japanese beauty secret. It contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin's natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime. It works by balancing the skin's moisture barrier, by boosting the expression of claudin (a key barrier protein) and hylauronan a key component for maintaining overall hydration and elasticity) in skin cells.

PITERA penetrates quickly, thanks to its unique watery form the skin absorbs it quickly with visible results. Facial Treatment Essence is a simple step easy to incorporate into any skincare ritual, applied twice daily to cleansed skin both day and night.

Launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in 11 stores when the brand arrived in the US in 2004.

Referred to as ‘miracle water’ by users around the world, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (PITERA™ Essence) was the first and only product offered when the brand launched in Japan. Essentially unchanged for nearly 40 years, the PITERA™ Essence is SK-II’s signature and most-awarded bestseller.