Ingredients and Formulation

BASF Corporation

Rambuvital™ – Organic rambutan fruit seed extract protects scalp and hair

2020 Finalist

- Made from organic-certified rambutan fruit seeds, harvested sustainably in Vietnam - Protect scalp and hair follicles from sebum oxidation (environmental pollution), thus reducing malodor (clinical study) - Rambuvital shampoo & conditioner improve scalp health (reported by 87% of study participants) and scalp hydration (reported by 81% of study partcipants) – (clinical study) - Reduces hair and scalp odor intensity by 5% (clinical study) - 85% of study participants felt their hair was shinier, healthier, cleaner (clinical study)

Natural extract of rambutan seeds as water-soluble powder.

Launched to brands in 2019 for use in finished formulas.

Just as the seed provides energy to Rambutan’s fruit for its development, Rambuvital ® revitalizes the hair from root to tip. Rambuvital ® helps the hair to fight the deleterious effects of pollution by bringing freshness, vitality & moisturization. This triple-acting anti-pollution active acts by energizing the hair bulb, protecting the scalp by improving moisturization, and prevents odor formation on the strand.