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Solaveil™ XTP-2

2020 Finalist

Solaveil SpeXtra is based on our patented crystal growth technology developed exclusively by Croda. Our unique particle design delivers a larger particle size than conventional grades but narrower size distribution for enhanced UVA protection with moderate whitening. Regulatory requirements and consumers needs are driving the importance of using photostable, broad spectrum UV protection, and this active can be used as a single active ingredient to make globally approved formulations. The new variant, Solaveil XTP2 is silica coated providing a solution to clean beauty sun protection brands and is hydrophilic making it easier to incorporate in the water phase of an emulsion.

Solaveil XTP-2 being in powder form offers high Titanium dioxide activity hence it can be used at lower level in the formulations to achieve higher SPF coverage. This novel technology is Alumina-free and could be an ideal choice for sun sticks. It can also be used in powder compact form to offer sun protection or could be incorporated in traditional emulsion based sunscreen chassis. Using Solaveil XTP-2 as sole sun filter, formulator can develop a product with Broad spectrum coverage in UV region and High Energy visible region ( Blue Light Protection).

This product is not available for retailers, and available globally only through Croda's direct sales team.

Solaveil XTP-2 is a silica coated, alumina-free powder variant of the Solaveil SpeXtra range. Delivering unprecedented broad-spectrum UV protection; This revolutionary technology provides a much higher level of UVA protection than traditional sunscreen grades of TiO2 whilst maintaining the high UVB protection normally associated with these materials. It is an ideal active ingredient for sun care formulations, products for babies, children and sensitive skin, or colour cosmetics. Solaveil XTP-2 is comprised of nature identical minerals and is ISO 16128 and COMSOS pending. Based on the FDA proposed rule, Solaveil XTP-2 is generally recognised as safe effective (GRASE) Category 1.