Moisturizer Prestige (Face)



2020 Finalist

Superscreen’s first-of-its-kind formula both hydrates and protects the skin from everything it faces on a daily basis, namely these seven skin stressors: UVA (aging) rays, UVB (burning) rays, blue light, infrared radiation, pollution, travel and weather. Its clean, feel-good formula is full of natural, skin-loving ingredients like blue-green algae to help nourish and repair the skin and cerium to help protect from the damaging blue light that comes from electronic devices like your phone and computer.

Superscreen is perfect for daily use as the last step in a skincare routine, and it makes wearing SPF every day easier than ever. It primes skin beautifully for makeup, and layers nicely underneath makeup primers. and retail partners such as Sephora

Superscreen is a does-it-all daily morning moisturizer that provides intense hydration & SPF 40 in one, helping protect the skin from UV rays, blue light & pollution. The super bouncy, lightweight, whipped moisturizer leaves skin looking naturally dewy and perfectly prepped for makeup. Best of all, the oil-free, non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores and is packed with nourishing, clean ingredients.