Face Product Prestige

Shiseido Americas

Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation

2020 Finalist

Designed to defend against the three main culprits that cause makeup breakdown – heat and humidity, oil breakthrough, and facial expressions – ActiveForce™ Technology allows this foundation to continually adapt to the skin’s current condition and maintain flawless complexion from morning to night. Features a trio of ingredients – ActiGel Polymer, Time Match Powder and Self-Repair Gel – that work together synergistically to transform negatives into positives. Additional innovation of note: - SPF 30 ALL shades - Responsive Sensory Technology: Helps foundation adapts to skin’s condition, tone, and texture. - Smart-correcting Powder: Enhances skin’s surface texture and tone.

Size: 30 mLPackaging: Box

Shiseido.com, Sephora.com

A Shiseido first in foundation that self-refreshes nonstop with ActiveForce™ technology. Our long-wearing fluid foundation synchronizes with skin and helps resist heat, humidity, oil and facial movement to maintain a just-applied, flawless finish that lasts 24 hours. Weightless. Breathable. Blendable. Buildable. Available in 30 shades. SPF 30 all shades.