Many categories are divided into Prestige and Mass:

Prestige Cosmetics:
A product that has launched in a channel that is not a mass, food, or drug retailer. Prestige outlets include but are not limited to Department Stores, Spas, Salons, Specialty Stores, Internet, and Television (QVC and, HSN).

Mass Cosmetics:
Any brand within the makeup, cosmetics, skincare, body care (lotions, sprays, oils) and hair care categories which is first introduced in the Food, Drug or Mass Merchandiser retail channels, with wide ranging distribution.

Please note: If a product is introduced in a Mass or Prestige Channel at the same time, it should default to categorization in the Mass Channel.


Does a Body Good (Bath and Body Product Mass & Prestige):
Products designed specifically for the body, including hands & feet (but not neck products, which are considered part of Face). This includes moisturizers, firming/cellulite creams, sprays/splashes/mists, and multi-purpose dry oils. Also, body products that are applied to the skin in the shower or bath. This includes cleansers, exfoliators, treatment shave, bath beads and bath oils. Products can be scented or unscented.


Men’s Scent & Women’s Scent Mass & Prestige

Product with single function of delivering scent. Bath or body products with scent should not be entered in this category. (see bath & body categories)

Niche Fragrance:

This fragrance conveys the following: leads with ingredients, limited distribution in retail, olfactory offering, tells a story and has the highest quality of ingredients. Bath or body products with scent should not be entered in this category (see bath & body categories).


  • Product entered must be launched in 2018
  • Brand must manufacture fragrance products
  • May be owned by a larger company
  • Limited distribution


Beauty Tech Award:

The CEW Beauty Tech Award will recognize one interactive technology that facilitates the education/discovery process and/or simplifies the beauty category for the user. This includes Apps, Virtual Reality products, websites and interactive mirrors.

Home Scent (Scent-Sational)

Scented products for the home such as candles, reed diffusers, home fragrance sprays and incense that are sold at Beauty Specialty and Department stores.


The CEW Iconic Beauty Award recognizes products that have transcended 10 or more years in the industry. To be iconic, the product must be instantly recognizable by the majority of beauty insiders and must demonstrate longevity in beauty.

Eligible products must:

  • Have launched in 2008 or earlier
  • Still be currently available at retail in the US
  • Be from a product category that is currently included in the Beauty Awards (link to categories)
  • Product may be reformulated or have new packaging


The Mane Attraction (Hair Shampoo/ Hair Conditioner:)

Hair shampoo products designed specifically to cleanse the scalp or hair. Hair conditioning products designed specifically to condition hair follicles. This includes dry shampoos, hair masks and leave-in hair conditioning treatments.

Hair-spiration (Hair Style/Hair Care:)
Products designed specifically to shape hair (mousse, gels, etc.), hair sprays designed to keep hair in place. Also, products specifically designed to protect hair from heat styling, add shine, or provide frizz control.

Dying for Color (Hair Coloring Product:)
Products that deposit either permanent or semi-permanent color on the hair. Their primary purpose is to color the hair. This does not include color enhancing shampoos, conditioners or styling products.

DIY Style (Hair Tools:)

Includes any tools that aide the preparation and styling of hair, such as blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, brushes, and other like products. Also, kits that include Hair devices, or Hair tools that are sold with a topical product or sold with another device or tool.

NOTE: the following hair products will not be accepted in Hair Tools

  • Hair removal or regrowth products such as laser hair removal devices, threader kits, laser combs, and other like products.
  • Hair accessories such as hair ties, clips, combs, headbands, and other like products.


CEW’s Indie Beauty Awards celebrates the creativity, originality and entrepreneurial spirit at small independent beauty companies. They’re designed to engage and introduce beauty consumers to the ingenuity of “indie” brands and products.

New Game in Town (Indie Brand)

Independent companies that are independently owned. The Award honors the Brand – not a specific product or product line.

Eligible brands must:

  • Manufacture beauty products
  • Indie brand must have majority ownership (51% or more) of the company

New Makeup Game in Town (Indie Makeup)

Makeup products designed specifically to emphasize the eyes, lips or face. Products primary usage must be makeup (not treatment). The Award recognizes an indie makeup product (does not include makeup tools).


  • Company must manufacture beauty products
  • Indie brand must have majority ownership (51% or more) of the company
  • Product entered must be launched in 2018

NOTE: Makeup Tools must be entered in the Makeup Tools category.

New Skincare Game in Town (Indie Skincare)

Skincare products designed specifically to treat the eyes, lips or face. Products primary usage must be treatment (not makeup). The Award recognizes an indie skincare product (does not include skincare tools).


  • Company must manufacture beauty products
  • Indie brand must have majority ownership (51% or more) of the company
  • Product entered must be launched in 2018

NOTE: Skincare Tools must be entered in the Skincare Tools category.

New Hair Game in Town – (Indie Hair)

Products designed specifically for hair. Products primary usage must fall within the following categories: hair care product, hair styling product, hair coloring, hair shampoo/conditioner. The Award recognizes an indie hair product (does not include hair tools).


  • Company must manufacture hair products
  • Indie brand must have majority ownership (51% or more) of the company
  • Product entered must be launched in 2018

NOTE: Hair Tools must be entered in the Hair Tools category.


This award may include any ingredient or formulation that has demonstrated innovation and new technology. *Ingestible products should be entered in the nutricosmetic category.

*Entrant is solely responsible for taking care of any legal matters prior to entering.


  • May be an ingredient or formulation
  • No year limitation
  • May only be entered by a supplier
  • Does not have to be in a finished product
  • Natural and synthetic ingredients can be entered


Products primary usage must be makeup (not treatment)

All Eyes on Me (Eye Product:)
Makeup products designed specifically to emphasize the eye area through a variety of shade choices (i.e. Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara, Eye Brow Liners/Shapers).

#NoFilter (Face Product:)
Products designed specifically to provide face coverage or contouring through matching skin tone shades (i.e. Foundation, Powder, Blush and Concealer).

Seal it with a Kiss (Lip Product:)
Makeup product designed to provide color or shine to the lips (i.e. Lip Color, Lip Liner and Lip Gloss).

NOTE: Skincare-focused lip products should be categorized as Skincare – Lip Treatment

Tools of the Trade (Makeup Tools:)
Includes any tools that aide the application of makeup products for the face, as well as products/accessories that enhance the face. Includes makeup brushes, makeup sponges, eyelash curlers, false eyelashes, tweezers and blotting papers.


·         Makeup brush sets/collections or single brushes are accepted as one entry.

·         Limited editions are not accepted.

·         Product must be launched in 2018

·         Not accepted: brush cleaners, makeup bags/cases, sharpeners


Man Made (Men’s Grooming— Face & Body)
Any skincare product designed exclusively for men, including facial moisturizers, cleansers, scrubs, treatment shave, hair, and body products.


Nailed it (Nail Product:)
Products designed to condition, strengthen or provide color to nails. This includes color enamels, top/ base coats and nail care products. Also, nail accessories such as artificial nails and nail tips, and embellishments such as decals, gem stones, and glitter.

NOTE: If a gel nail system is sold separately, you can only enter one product that you think is the most innovative (i.e., basecoat, gel color, or top coat).


Products primary usage must be treatment (not makeup)

 All alphabet Creams, such as BB creams, CC creams, etc., should be submitted under the category in which they are specifically marketed, based on benefit or usage (i.e. Face Makeup, Sun product, Eye Treatment, etc.)

Blemish Busters (Acne Treatment:)
Products or treatment systems primary usage is specifically designed to prevent against acne or specifically treat acne breakouts, usually used as a step in the facial care process in addition to cleansing and moisturizing. Includes peels and micro-dermabrasion products that offer acne benefits.

Note:  Moisturizers, cleansers and scrubs that treat acne must be submitted in their respective categories.

 Turn Back Time (Anti-Aging:)
Specific facial products and treatment systems primary usage addresses critical aging needs and prevents premature skin aging and/or correct/minimize chronological skin damage.

Included in Anti-Aging:

  • Peels and micro-dermabrasion products that offer anti-aging benefits
  • Whitening and/or brightening treatment serums or spot treatments.

Note: Moisturizers, Cleansers, Scrubs and Eye Treatments that offer anti-aging benefits must be submitted in their respective categories.

Keep it Clean (Cleanser & Scrub:)
Product’s primary usage must be to clean & exfoliate skin.

  • Cleansers:Products that remove debris and impurities from the facial area, including cleansing products that also offer secondary benefits like oil control, or makeup removal.
  • Scrubs:Products designed to manually remove excess dead skin cells

NOTE: Peels and micro-dermabrasion products must be submitted in Anti-Aging or Acne Treatment categories.

Eye on the Prize (Eye Treatment) (without color):
Eye products specifically designed for the eye area to firm, moisturize, refresh, protect, reduce lines or all of the above.

Lip Service (Lip Treatment) (without color):
Skincare lip products/balms designed to moisturize, exfoliate and provide year-round protection and/or anti-feathering benefits.

NOTE: Lip products which offer a glossing and/or makeup benefit (like paint, lipstick, etc.) should be coded in Makeup.

Device Advice (Skincare Tools:)
Includes any tools that aide the topical application of skincare products for the face and body, and products that enhance the skin on the face and body. Includes handheld exfoliators, rollers and laser light therapy tools, as well as motorized or manual devices, tools or accessories used for the face or body. Also, kits that include any motorized or manual face or body devices, or tools that are sold with a topical product or sold with another device or tool.

Bring on the Sun (Sun Product:)
Products primary usage is sun protection, tanning or self-tanning. Products designed specifically for in sun, self-tanning and after-sun use including skincare Lip products with SPF.

Note: Moisturizers, anti-aging or concealers that offer SPF benefits must be submitted in their respective categories.

S.O.S – Save Our Skin (Moisturizer Mass & Prestige)
Products designed for dry, oily or combination type skins that’s primary usage is to provide moisturization and deliver hydration to the face and/or neck. May be used morning and/or night.

Note: Includes Moisturizers with multiple benefits, such as Anti-Aging and SPF


The CEW Sustainability Excellence Award recognizes a brand that has moved further toward the goal of sustainability. The Award was established to encourage taking steps towards sustainability within the beauty industry. Eligible entries must demonstrate that measureable step changes have been implemented within the past 3 years.

Sustainability Excellence Award Criteria



Products Primary purpose is to link the scent to a benefit and improved state of being. Includes scented oils and diffusers that focus on the use of aromatic plant extracts to soothe and relax the mind and body. Aromatherapy products could be used on the body or to scent a physical space

Beauty Wellness Supplements

Nutritional supplements that supports the function and structure of the skin, hair, and nails. Products can be in pill, liquid, powder form including ingestables, vitamins, teas and juices and have vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that provides a vital link between health, wellness and beauty. Product entered must be launched in 2018.


Entries are not accepted for this award. The Best Seller Award recognizes the product categories with the most growth in sales and the best-selling product in that category, in mass and department stores.

Winners are based on retail sales data.


Entries are not accepted for this award.  One brand will BE DISCOVERED & FEATURED on QVC.

QVC will search for the “next big thing” in beauty at the 2019 Product Demo.

All products and brands demonstrated at the 2019 Product Demo on February 28, 2019, are eligible for the QVC Beauty Quest!

QVC Beauty Quest Award Criteria