This Will Blow Your Mind: The eBrush

One of the coolest things Beauty Insider has seen this year is undoubtedly the eBrush by Leonard. Essentially, a next-generation stylus pen, the eBrush allows users to “apply” makeup to a photo with a paintbrush-type apparatus rather than their finger. Consider it a makeup brush for the iPad. Fred Ghenassia, Managing Director at France-based Bullier SAS, manufacturer of the eBrush, said he is marketing the tool to makeup brands to use with their apps for the iPad and Android. Currently, he’s working with the designer of applications at Sephora and Makeup Forever. To see how eBrush works, check out the brand’s video on YouTube above. Modiface developed the app used in the video, called Makeup Touch, which is a touch-based application where a user can “paint” the makeup on their image using their finger, or in this case, the eBrush.