For Safety and Community, Brick and Mortars Trump Internet Retailers

While social media and the Internet inarguably kept the world up to date on Hurricane Sandy’s effects, in the face of disaster retailers are showing they’re serving as the heart of their communities. Hurricane Sandy caused mass stores to lose millions of dollars in Halloween sales, as many kept their doors closed for as long as a week due to power outages, lack of running water and overall destruction. It’s estimated some 10 percent of chain stores were directly in Sandy’s path.

more Myglam 2.0

Beauty tutorial site has undergone a full-on makeover. For starters, the San Mateo, Calif.-based website co-founded by YouTube beauty darling, Michelle Phan, is now called Myglam, it seems, served as the beta version of the new site. But no worries, Glam Bags, a subscription-based sampling program, will continue to live on with


Teen Vogue Report: Uprising of Mobile and What it Means to Millennials

Who knows Millennials better than Teen Vogue? Not many! According to the publishing expert, it seems the mobile phone is clearly how this demographic communicates, informs and (especially) shops for herself. In an effort to provide the market with the latest data on Millennials—namely their insights, habits and motivations with their mobile phones—Teen Vogue took a deep dive into the subject and conducted The Teen Vogue It Girl Insights Mobile Behavior Report.