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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Products & the Influencer Community with Tribe Dynamics


With digital earned media proving an increasingly indispensable factor in a brand’s success, how do influencers contribute to the performance of individual products?
Join Tribe Dynamics' SVP, Brit McCorquodale, to learn the active role that influencers have played in recent notable product launches, along with the tried-and-true realm of influencer product collaborations.
Brit McCorquodale Brit McCorquodale
Senior Vice President,
Tribe Dynamics
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Under Brit’s leadership, her teams leverage Tribe Dynamics’ data to drive and shape research and insights on changing consumer behavior and industry trends in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle sectors. With extensive agency and brand-side experience across leading CPG, retail and consumer technology firms, Brit is responsible for bridging marketing and technology to drive growth for the company, and Tribe clients.
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