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Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Tools to Success: Define What's Holding You and Your Business Back

Whether you’re intent on building a great career or a successful business, this unique webinar opportunity will provide tactics and strategies that can help. Alisa Marie Beyer, Founder/CEO of LemonTree Partners, offers training and development resources to assist both entrepreneurs and executives in achieving their greatest potential.

Alisa Beyer Alisa Beyer
LemonTree Partners, LLC
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Alisa Marie Beyer Entrepreneur + Author + Trainer “My philosophy centers on the principle that true joy and happiness come from building a healthy business and a healthy mind-set.”– Alisa Marie, Founder & CEO LemonTree Partners In Her Own Words “I am a wife, a mother of three teenagers, and an entrepreneur who has created five companies. I started my first company at age 29, and each venture has been a wild ride of tears and tantrums, struggles and stressors, successes and failures, and lasting friendships and memories. Very few people know that I was diagnosed with severe anxiety early in my career, and I now use my experiences of trying keep my emotional well-being on track while also growing my family and building my businesses as inspiration to help other entrepreneurs and executives learn how to clear out whatever holds them or their businesses back. The hallmark of my success has been the ability to create high-performing brands and teams as critical assets to ultimately sell each of my companies, and now I work to do the same for my client companies.” Alisa’s latest venture, LemonTree Partners is a training and development company focused on bringing wisdom and well-being to entrepreneurs and executives around the globe. LemonTree Partners (lemontreepartners.com) energizes entrepreneurs and executives to clear out what’s holding them and their business back by being smarter about themselves and others. We help you make better decisions by enhancing your ability to discover what makes you–and your team–tick, while making sure you have the right people working on the right business strategies and tasks. The Lemon Twist (lemontwist.com) empowers female entrepreneurs with wisdom and well-being via an exclusive community of female entrepreneurs run by Alisa Marie Beyer, CEO of LemonTree Partners. Here, Alisa shares the real and raw world of what it means to be a woman who owns or dreams of owning her own business. You will have access to a private Facebook Group, life-changing online and offline courses, worksheets for your business, and access to Alisa Marie herself. Alisa has performed business planning and strategy, self-awareness assessments and coaching, for more than 20 years. Her clients have included Nestlé, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Avon, DuPont, Galderma, L’Oréal, Wet ‘n Wild, Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, StriVectin, Murad, SafSlim, St. Tropez, Reserveage, Algenist, Julep, Bioelements, Dow Personal Care, Murad, GlamGlow, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care, L’Occitane, Fresh, Bath & Body Works, Guthy-Renker, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Shaklee, KAO Brands and more than 100 startup and small company brands. She also created and pioneered a joint venture with CSB/Sony to bring Jabot Cosmetics to life–the fictional cosmetics brand from the award-winning CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Alisa has published many articles on life as an entrepreneur and on how companies can build, grow, and sell. She currently writes a monthly column for The Huffington Post on the raw and real world of entrepreneurship. She has published numerous articles on business planning, brand strategy and team building for publications such as ICMAD Journal, Global Cosmetic Industry, BW Confidential, Happi, Skin Inc., Inside Cosmeceuticals, SupplySide Cosmetic Insights, PBA Progress, and Beauty Packaging Magazine. A frequent guest lecturer and speaker, Alisa has spoken at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Cosmoprof North America, Beauty Industry West, HBA Global, Society of Cosmetic Chemistry, Mazur Group, Face & Body Advanced Education Conference, Natural Beauty Summit, and numerous corporate events. She has been a top-rated speaker at annual Mary Kay company events. Currently, Alisa sits on the Advisory Board of Global Cosmetic Industry and the Women Entrepreneurs Exchange Network. She is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and the International Association of Women (IAW). She is also a member of Hera Hub in San Diego, California. Previously, she has served as a board member of Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, the Boarder Baby Project, Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors, and the Health and Beauty Association. Alisa also earned her membership in the Young Entrepreneurs Organization at the age of 31. In 2018 Athena Pinnacle Awards nominated Alisa for the Individual in Service award. In 2015, Alisa started Coastal Salt & Soul, a luxury bath and body company dedicated to heathy, hydrated skin. Within 24 months of the launch, the brand was being sold in more than 300 luxury spas and boutiques, had the fastest beauty sell-out on The Today Show, and launched on QVC, where the brand was named the “consumer’s next new obsession” as well as one of the “top three brands of 2017.” Coastal has been written about in many magazines, including Shape, New Beauty, Brides, and Coastal Living, and this coveted brand continues to win consumer and industry awards. Alisa sold the company to Celebrate Beauty Brands in December 2017. In 1996, Alisa founded The ProMarc Agency, one of the fastest-growing and most respected business marketing and public relations firms in the United States. While driving The ProMarc Agency’s growth, she acquired, developed, and sold Globescope Internet Services, Inc., a website development company for Washington, DC–based embassies. In 2000, Globescope Internet Services was sold, and in 2001, WPP/Hill & Knowlton (H&K) acquired The ProMarc Agency. Shortly thereafter, Alisa was selected to serve as the general manager of H&K’s Washington, DC, office and on the company’s national executive committee. In 2003, Alisa brought her expertise to a new endeavor when she founded AXM Swimwear, which designed, manufactured, and wholesaled designer swimsuits for women and was chosen for inclusion in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Vogue magazine. In 2005, MODE PLAYA, the largest swimwear manufacturer in Mexico, bought AXM Swimwear. Alisa then founded The Beauty Company (TBC) in 2006. TBC made its imprint on the beauty industry by providing a unique set of services that intersected the spheres of beauty and business. In early 2014, TBC spun off its consumer beauty product testing division to a separate line of business, which was sold and now operates under The Benchmarking Company. A magna cum laude graduate of Wilson College with degrees in economics and English, Alisa and her husband, Thomas, have three children, Maximilian, Megan, and Benjamin; two dogs, Beau and Bean; two bunnies, George and Birdie; and a growing number of horses. They have lived in Washington, DC, and Stuttgart, Germany, and now reside in sunny San Diego, California. Alisa proudly hails from Liberty, Pennsylvania. Sample Huffington Post Published Articles 1. Warrior Women, Pick Up Your Swords! (August 2017) 2. If You Want Your Start Up to Succeed, Think Like a Shieldmaiden (July 2017) 3. Me in A Bikini? But I’m Fifty! (July 2017) 4. Crazy for Soft, Sexy Skin (July 2017) 5. Is Body the New Face? (June 2017) 6. Stop Collecting Underpants and Start Selling Them! (May 2017) 7. #Women-Owned Businesses Rock (May 2017) 8. Why Young Businesses are Big Opportunities for Large Companies (May 2017) 9. Sea-to-Skin: The New Farm-to-Table of the Beauty World? (January 2017) 10. Is Body the New Face? (September 2016) 11. Lessons on Giving and Giving Back (June 2016) 12. Give People What They Want (June 2016) 13. The Power of No (May 2016) 14. Diary of a Fragrance Fanatic (May 2016) 15. The Mom I Thought I’d Be (May 2016) Sample Articles Published 1. Coastal Salt & Soul: A Story of Love, Luck and Ideas (GCI Magazine, June 2014) 2. The Elements That Matter: A Story of Everything Going Right (GCI Magazine, May 2014) 3. Stop Collecting Underpants and Start Making Money! (GCI Magazine, March 2014) 4. No, really – What Does It Take to Build a Beauty Business? (GCI Magazine, January/February 2014) 5. Tested, Vetted and Proven to Win (GCI Magazine, December 2013) 6. Much more than luck – the six habits of successful new beauty brands (GCI Magazine, September 2013) 7. Let’s Do Lunch (GCI Magazine, June 2013) 8. 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