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The Importance of Supporting CEW Foundation’s Cancer and Careers
December 31, 2015
  • Sonia Kashuk was recently recognized during CEW's Beauty of Giving Luncheon. (Photo credit: Patricia Willis Photography)
  • CEW Foundation Chairwoman Heidi Manheimer, Cindy Crawford, Sonia Kashuk, CEW President Carlotta Jacobson and CEW Foundation Executive Director Kate Sweeney. (Photo credit: Patricia Willis Photography)
  • This year's live auction included amazing prizes such as a Grammy Awards Hollywood Experience and a Family Golf Getaway for Eight at Diamante Cabo San Lucas. (Photo credit: Patricia Willis Photography)
A few weeks ago I had dinner with a very dear friend, expecting that we would just catch up, but that didn’t happen. She told me she was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and I was stunned and speechless at the news.

My dear friend, like so many others dealing with cancer, works, and her income is critical to supporting herself and her family.

No one is prepared for a cancer diagnosis. Not the person, friends, family and least of all the people you work with. It makes me so proud of what CEW created 14 years ago, knowing that Cancer and Careers will offer her critical information and resources, while also aiding in alleviating some of her fears and uncertainty about working with cancer.

At our recent Beauty of Giving event, we honored Sonia Kashuk, who has made it her mission to ensure that people like my friend know about Cancer and Careers. Sonia is a breast cancer survivor, a lesser known fact of her remarkable journey. She is a powerful spokesperson, who has lent her notoriety and celebrity to help build awareness of our charity.

Sonia and her dear friend Cindy Crawford are currently the face of Beauty with Benefits, QVC’s record-breaking fundraising event for Cancer and Careers. They are helping to spread the word, as well as their personal message of hope, and connection.

I was so honored to present to Sonia with The Beauty of Giving Award in front of the industry, friends and supporters. I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of the honor.

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