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Good Thing, Small Package
March 17, 2016
Good Thing, Small Package
You would think a seasoned beauty executive would think twice about starting a beauty company. Especially now. But in Conny Wittke’s case, the former CEO and President of Tweezerman saw a need and decided to fill it.

I first saw her new venture, Nügg Beauty, at the Beauty Awards Product Demo. What first caught my eye was the packaging. Each of its masks is tucked into a one-dose unit featuring a photo of the key ingredient – cranberries, wheat germ, coconut, etc. – on front. They look a little like those tiny jellies and jams you get with your toast at the diner.

The packaging is not only clever, it serves a real purpose. The single-serve capsules keep the product fresh until it’s used, and minimizes oxidation. They also serve to reduce product waste, and allow you to customize your mask according to your skin’s needs. Plus they are affordable.

Connie, congratulations!!!
On Your Own
March 14, 2016
On Your Own
One of the great joys of this job is the relationships I have with women I hugely admire. Betsy Schmalz Ferguson, President of venture-backed incubator, Skyler Brand Ventures, is one of them.

Betsy and I go way back. (How far? Let’s put it this way: I was still Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar when I met her, and hadn’t even landed at CEW yet.) We first crossed paths when she was at Revlon, which was then followed by major positions at Limited Brands and Estée Lauder.

Needless to say her credentials are impressive.

ERASA XEP30, an anti-aging concentrate, is the first launch under Skyler, a skin care incubator created by Jules Zecchino, the former Vice President of Research & Development at Estèe Lauder, and leading industry innovators. Only about six months out of the starting gate, this unique formula—built around a proprietary mix of neuropeptides that fills and firms—has already garnered lots of press and nabbed a few awards.

I give Betsy credit. In our ever-challenging economy, it takes guts to strike out on your own. Clearly she knows what she’s doing.

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