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A Lunch That Honors Mothers
May 15, 2017
A Lunch That Honors Mothers
Last week I went to the 39th Annual 2017 Outstanding Mother Awards Luncheon at The Pierre Hotel – and it was fabulous. I went with Lisa Klein, SVP CEW; we were guests of beauty industry heavyweights Laurie Dowley and Thia Breen. Fittingly, proceeds from the luncheon benefit Save the Children’s U.S. Programs.

The industry turned out in full force: Tara Simon; Gemma Lionello and Debbi Hartley-Triesch; Muriel Gonzalez and Nancy Schmidt. Of course, the star of the luncheon was Leonard Lauder, who delivered warm, respectful and admiring remarks about Jane Hertzmark Hudis, one of four women honored that day. Jane's remarks were also quite moving, especially about her two stepsons. I could see from my table they were touched by her remarks.

I sat next to Joanna Coles. She is so smart and hysterically funny. Laurie served as Mistress of Ceremonies, and as usual, was sincere and charming. She puts her heart and soul into this event, and it shows.

And, it ended on time, which we all know in the cosmetics industry is a must.

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