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Beauty and the Bust
October 31, 2016
Beauty and the Bust
While ordering one of the many things I buy from Amazon every day I had some extra time so I looked around the site and found breast masks made of gold. So I guess the mask trend has moved down. Here, a few I found. My prediction? We’ll probably start to see a resurgence of bust creams, too.

Infinitive Beauty Crystal 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Breast Chest Mask

Martinni Beauty 24K Gold Collagen Breast Mask

VAGA Anti-AgingTreatment Kit of 5 Pairs Breast Masks 24K Gold

Pure Smile Japan’s Oh My Busty Gold Breast Masks

Can anyone can be an influencer?
October 17, 2016
Can anyone can be an influencer?
Case in point, we had a meeting with Claire Hobson from The Future Laboratory and Claire Hobson Consulting—but before we even got to talking about trends, Claire mentioned she had lost 14 lbs. She wasn’t hungry. Her skin glowed. Her hair was shiny and smooth.

Here is what we learned.

She’s using the Dyson Supersonic Dryer. She went on the Clean Program for 21 days, giving up caffeine, alcohol, et al. To tone some spots, she used SculpSure. How does all of this affect me? Right now I’m online buying a Dyson Supersonic. I’m investigating the more reasonable seven-day version of the Clean Program. And as for SculpSure, sounds intriguing.

Look, I'm not endorsing any of this, but it just goes to show what word of mouth can do. (I hope she doesn't stop speaking to me.)

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