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Dove’s Inspiring short film
September 20, 2017
I was inspired by Dove’s latest short film, "Meet Diana." It tells the powerful story of Diana Wright, a mother and school teacher, who reclaimed her confidence after the loss of her leg in a car accident. In a three-minute video, produced by Shonda Rhimes and a 100 percent female crew, Diana talks about how she called on her inner strength to learn how to walk again. Since posting on YouTube September 12, the video has more than 1.6 million views. Click on the video below to view her amazing story.

P&G’s Powerful Ad: “The Talk”
August 03, 2017
P&G’s Powerful Ad: “The Talk”
I was struck by a powerful video Procter & Gamble released as part of its My Black is Beautiful campaign. Called “The Talk,” P&G shows scenes of black mothers across several generations talking to their children about the bias they will experience in society because of the color of their skin. I applaud P&G for sparking dialogue around this topic. At the end of the video, they even encourage everyone to #TalkAboutBias.

If you haven’t seen this emotional video yet, you can view it here. It has already amassed over 80,000 views.
Empowering Women in Beauty: CEW's Carlotta Jacobson
July 20, 2017
Empowering Women in Beauty: CEW's Carlotta Jacobson
Carlotta Jacobson, President of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), was featured on the cover of the July issue of Beauty Store Business. In an in-depth article, the magazine highlights the accomplishments of CEW and Cancer and Careers under Carlotta’s leadership, as well as her passion to help advance women in the beauty industry. Carlotta also reflects on her career trajectory, accomplishments and goals, and shares her thoughts on the outlook of beauty retail.


P&G Takes on the Wage Gap
April 14, 2016
P&G Takes on the Wage Gap
Congrats to P&G for raising awareness of the pay gap for women in their new ad. Brilliant. Click here to view.
One to Watch: Unilever’s Tamara Rogers
April 07, 2016
One to Watch: Unilever’s Tamara Rogers
Tamara at CEW’s Newsmaker Forum: "Unilever’s Beauty Power Play" event on March 29
Tamara Rogers is EVP, Personal Care, USA, Unilever. A new face in beauty, we predict Tamara will be a major force in the industry.

Born in Africa, raised in the UK, she now lives in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. She’s married with two boys, Cecily and Gabriel.

At Unilever for 20 years, she was behind the company’s dry spray revolution, as SVP Global Deodorants. She replaced Gina Boswell, who was promoted and moved to the UK.

Tamara now leads Unilever’s multi-billion dollar U.S. Personal Care portfolio. Hair, Skin Cleansing, Skin Care and Deodorant are her domain.

Her track record of growing businesses around the world includes significant time spent in Europe, and substantial experience in Asia and Africa.

She’s also an advocate for the development of young leadership. Tamara is one to watch.
CEW Private Dinner
January 22, 2016
  • Maxwell Luthy, Director of Trends & Insights, trendwatching.com; Elana Drell Szyfer, CEO of Laura Geller Beauty; and Kelly McPhilliamy, Managing Director, Consumer & Retail Investment Banking, Wells Fargo. (Photos by JF Production)
  • The set table for CEW’s post-event, invitation-only dinner on January 19.
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics' John Bailey; Glanasaol's Alan Ennis; HCP Packaging USA's Damien Dossin; and, e.l.f. Cosmetics' Tarang Amin. (Photos by JF Production)
  • Tim O’Connor, Shape Magazine. (Photos by JF Production)
  • Melissa Montfort, Givaudan. (Photos by JF Production)
  • Paolo Marchesi, Chromavis. (Photos by JF Production)
If you’ve ever attended one of CEW’s post-event, invitation-only dinners you’d know what I mean when I say it takes networking to a whole new level. Who goes? Sponsors, speakers, special guests. What goes on? Lots of connections. Our most recent dinner on January 19 following the Beauty Insider Series event on post-consumerism trends was the perfect mix of executives from magazines, manufacturers, suppliers and finance.

Highlights of the evening? Lots of interest in Glansaol, a new global personal care and beauty company by Alan Ennis, the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Revlon. The legendary Jane Iredale charmed everyone, including the equally charming Tim O’Connor from Shape Magazine. Kelly McPhilliamy of Wells Fargo (the beauty banker) showed interest in the pop-up Peel Bar retail concept from BeautyRx by Dr. Neal Schultz, which are opening in Saks nationwide.

About Carlotta

Hello, I’m Carlotta Jacobson, President of CEW. The beauty industry is one of the most dynamic industries in this world. Luckily, I have the amazing opportunity to network with its talented movers and shakers, and attend many of its educational and charitable events.

We started @CarlottaConnected to give you an inside look at the beauty industry I connect with both professionally and personally. I hope I’m able to give you some insights and access with this blog—as well even more reasons to admire the leaders in our industry.

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