Beauty’s 2018/19 Color Predictions are Here

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March 20, 2017
Beauty’s 2018/19 Color Predictions are Here
From product packaging to finishes to formula hues, color plays a major role in creating consumer excitement and driving sales. According to global trend forecasting agency, Beautystreams, there are three major exciting color directions set to impact the beauty industry: cool mineral hues, strange metallics and high contrast moonlight tones.

The agency, which represents the U.S. through a partnership with CEW, recently participated in the Intercolor Congress, a pivotal gathering of color and trend experts from 16 nations who meet every six months to share color information and develop an official group consensus for the season. For the first time, CEW will give an exclusive look at the trend results from the Color Congresses through a live webinar Future Color Trends: What Is Real?

During this 30-minute webinar, Beautystreams’ Creative Director, Michael Nolte, will discuss the primary color palettes consumers of tomorrow will be gravitating towards, and dive into its implications for product development and marketing. He will also discuss how to turn this information into successful products. One trend, for example, hints that gold dust and shimmers may have major implications on cosmetic and personal care products next year. Finishes such as backlight and light-capturing nano-crystal effects can be used strategically in products to win over the selfie-crazed consumer.

Get a competitive advantage for your business by understanding the future trends being driven by beauty’s ever-changing customer base. Click here to register for the webinar.


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