In 1954, a small circle of professional women joined together to form what would later become the largest global organization of women (and now men!) in the beauty industry - Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW).

Over the past 65 years, CEW has become the preeminent resource for connecting, educating, developing and inspiring the future of beauty. Today, the core mission of CEW remains the same: to bring our community of passionate professionals together to collaborate, exchange ideas, and promote career growth at every level and across every facet of the industry. We provide our more than 10K members with unparalleled access to experts and influencers, fueling their potential and enabling them to achieve more in their careers.

CEW leads the conversation in beauty, sharing insights that will shape the future of the industry. And, we are nowhere near done yet! We continue to explore ways to enhance knowledge, connections and opportunities for our membership.

You have our sincere appreciation for being a member of the CEW community, and our promise to never disappoint.

Be inspired, informed and connected

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