CEW Mentoring Programs

CEW offers two mentoring programs accessible to CEW members, Beauty Industry Mentors and Small Business Advisory.  Each program is system-generated based on your personal career needs. Questions? Please contact Tiara Patterson at tpatterson@cew.org.

Beauty Industry Mentors

  • Accessible to all CEW members
  • Users can chose the role of mentor, mentee or both
  • Once the system generates compatible mentors, mentees are to request connections with mentors
  • Mentors have the option of reviewing the mentee profiles before accepting

Small Business Advisory

  • Small Business advisors are hand selected by CEW
  • Accessible to Small Business founders and/or employees
  • Connections with advisors consists of sessions, opposed to long-term relationships
  • Areas of advisory include: Business Strategy & Operations, Human Resources, Legal, M&A/Finance, Marketing, PR and Communications, Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Small Business mentees are to request connections with advisors based on the area of advisory they are seeking

Mentoring Testimonial

Trina Albus
Magenta Agency
Sarina Goyal
Senior Planner, Demand Planning
Bare Minerals

Early in my career, I was lucky to have some incredible mentors that provided me with invaluable feedback and guidance. When I heard about the CEW Mentorship program, I jumped at the opportunity to become a mentor and pay it forward.

I find mentoring to be very fulfilling and I encourage everyone to get involved regardless of the stage of their career. Even though I’m the mentor this time around, I’m experiencing both professional and personal growth through the program.

The CEW Mentorship Program has been an incredible experience and is helping me grow both personally and professionally. With the help of my mentor’s guidance and advice, I’ve developed plans to achieve my career goals and have been exposed to numerous opportunities. I’m grateful that I’m able to learn from someone who’s accomplished and experienced in the beauty industry. She encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone and maximize my potential.