CEW Mentoring Programs

CEW offers two mentoring programs accessible to CEW members, Beauty Industry Mentors and Small Business Advisory.  Each program is system-generated based on your personal career needs. Questions? Please contact Tiara Patterson at tpatterson@cew.org.

Beauty Industry Mentors

  • Accessible to all CEW members
  • Users can chose the role of mentor, mentee or both
  • Once the system generates compatible mentors, mentees are to request connections with mentors
  • Mentors have the option of reviewing the mentee profiles before accepting

Small Business Advisory

  • Small Business advisors are hand selected by CEW
  • Accessible to Small Business founders and/or employees
  • Connections with advisors consists of sessions, opposed to long-term relationships
  • Areas of advisory include: Business Strategy & Operations, Human Resources, Legal, M&A/Finance, Marketing, PR and Communications, Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Small Business mentees are to request connections with advisors based on the area of advisory they are seeking

The CEW Mentoring program was incredibly helpful . . . my mentor Linda worked with me for three months. She was incredibly generous with her time, and . . . she continues to remain engaged and answers questions that come up. I highly recommend the program and it is a highlight of my CEW membership!

Rahama Wright, Founder & CEO, Shea Yeleen