Amanda Domaleczny

VP, Global Sales & Education

TULA Skincare

Why is CEW membership important to you?

I have been a member of CEW for over ten years! I joined early on in my career, when I made a career change from Supply Chain Management in a completely different industry, to beauty. It was an incredible way to get plugged in as a new member of the beauty industry, and I never looked back. Now, several years later, it continues to serve as a source of inspiration, connection and purpose, from participating on panels, learning insights from industry experts, and seeing peers and visionaries recognized for their unparalleled achievements in the industry.

What do you love most about working in the beauty Industry?

There are so many things I love about this industry. I love it’s modern and ever-changing nature and how individuals of all backgrounds have the power to shape and transform their lives and careers in a way that’s not as feasible in other non-modern, non-diverse industries. This industry really can be a role model for best in class innovation, inclusion, and empowerment. I remember years ago when Too Faced cosmetics coined the phrase “Own Your Pretty”, Drybar’s realization that their service provides confidence, not just a blowout, and now TULA’s mission for customer’s to “Embrace Your Skin”. I have been very fortunate to work for companies that have been driven by the purpose that the brand serves to their customers, employees, partners, and the industry.

The other thing I love about the industry is having the opportunity to work with the best partners I could have ever learned from, lead with, and love. We have been very blessed to have amazing merchant relationships that welcome bold ideas, partner in executing them, and push to realize incredible results. Ulta Beauty in particular has made building a brand in a saturated space incredibly enjoyable and fun. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my awe of both Ulta and Nordstrom’s incessant and inspiring commitment to innovation. Finally, the work partners. I have been so lucky to work with some incredible people who have helped define my life, my career, and the beauty industry.

How do you think last year will impact the future of the beauty industry? 

We are seeing a lot of disruption in the beauty space that has likely been needed for a long time. Customers’ behaviors are changing, and retailers and brands will need to meet those changes. There will be an even faster rise of clean and conscious beauty, and this will be table stakes for beauty brand success. We saw this coming, but I believe it’s going to happen even faster. We will see the lines blurred between where people are shopping for prestige as well as where and how they are discovering new products. We are also seeing customers get to know their skin in a bigger way and will continue to see more of product multitasking and/or blurring between different product categories.

In what ways do you keep your team inspired during this unpredictable time? 

First, making sure that we are acknowledging the uncertainty and instability and then recognizing those that are successfully navigating this time. By doing so, we’re able to continue to foster participation in brainstorming and building out high level plans and priorities. It’s also important to adjust sales plans achievement incentives to promote and accommodate new omni shopping behaviors and how both physical and online retail provide an experience to the brand and acquiring new, loyal customers. I also encourage utilizing this time to have team building activities like learning communication styles and virtual escape rooms!