Dr. Hedieh Asadi



Dr. Hedieh Asadi is the co-founder and doctor behind the revolutionary intimate hygiene brand, DeoDoc. Hedieh, along with her sister Hasti, is breaking taboos and empowering women with knowledge about their bodies and women’s health. With a highly successful business, the sisters are looking to revolutionize the intimate hygiene sector globally by offering premium products that are specially developed by doctors.


Hedieh’s medical backgrond and genuine passion for women’s health has been the driving force behind DeoDoc’s success. She has earned a medical degree from Karolina Institutet, the prestigious medical school home of the Nobel prize and continued her education in UCLA to specialize in surgery and health care management. While practicing surgery, she found the important need for safe intimate care products. She teamed up with her former professor of OB/GYN, Dr. Gunvor Ekman Ordeberg to create the best formulas for the revolutionary brand.


Hedieh is also an appreciated inspirational speaker and educator in the Women’s Health + Entrepreneurship series and is recognized as a medical expert by Elite Daily.