Giorgino Macalino



Giorgino “Gino” Macalino is the current Chairman of the New York Society of the Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC). He has been an active volunteer and a key contributor to the organization since 2010. He is a Chemist by trade and specializes in color cosmetics research and product development.

Outside his responsibilities with the NYSCC, he is the Manager of Makeup Innovation for the Estee Lauder Companies where he leads the innovation team focusing on Face, Lip and Eye makeup subcategory. Gino has always been passionate with color and it fuels his creativity to drive groundbreaking technologies that speaks to consumer language.

Prior to joining Estee Lauder, Gino spent his time working for variety of business units including Contract Manufacturers where he learned how to accelerate product development catered to emerging Indie Brands. He also briefly tapped into the skin care technologies at Avon’s Global Skin Care R&D where he developed formulas for the ANEW Anti Aging and Men’s line, Avon Care and Clearskin portfolio. His passion for color cosmetics continued while working for a specialty chemical supplier, Croda, where he helped build the color cosmetics program and drove the development of the first to market patented Effect Pigments products/ technology that are now available to all formulators globally.

Originally from the Philippines, Gino relocated to the states at age 15 to start higher education and obtain his degree in Chemistry at Fairleigh Dickinson University. His entry to the industry was driven with passion, hard work and dedication to his career goal of making people feel good about themselves by creating the products that give them confidence and beauty from inside and out.

An avid traveler, Gino has visited 27 country and plans to visit his 50th country by age 40.