Jonina Skaggs

Managing Partner and Art Director

Skaggs Creative

Why is CEW membership important to you?

It’s a great organization and platform for people and companies who are passionate and care about the beauty industry, as they allow me to stay on top of what is happening, new trends and provide educational content that I find invaluable. CEW is also a great resource for finding vendors for specific needs and connecting us with brands that need our creative, branding, web and packaging services.

What do you love most about working in the beauty industry?

It’s such an interesting sector, as there is so much technology being developed yet there is a very emotional aspect. There are so many sub-sectors too and for us we are able to work in both print and digital which keeps things interesting. I’m also amazed at the ideas people come up for products and the constant innovation especially with ingredients and formations.

How important has mentorship been in your career journey?

It totally changed my career path. I graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and the did an MFA in Graphic Design in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to have a great mentor who was one of the founders of Pentagram. Their insight, the constant questioning of “why” and their advice was invaluable. I sometimes think I learned more from my mentorship than I did in school.

How do you think Covid-19 will impact the future of the beauty industry?

I think it will and has impacted every industry. In terms of beauty, I think it will be for the better. We’ve done a bunch of packaging work the last year and less and more sustainable materials is a non-negotiable. This is good. Also, a renewed focus on e-comm and learning how to create a real one-on-one virtual relationship with customers to replace retail during the shutdown will have lasting positive effects.