Leslie Hall


Iced Media

Leslie Hall is the President and founder of iced media, an award-winning digital agency she’s led for two decades. In her role, Leslie helps guide the strategy, communications and media approach for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world.

Building on her proven track record of driving real business results for behemoths like Walmart and L’Oréal, more recently, Leslie and her team evolved their model to also support independent and PE-backed brands like Moroccanoil and Paula’s Choice.

As a hands-on marketing practitioner since the dawn of the digital era, Leslie harnesses her passion for beauty to support C-suite level executives by translating otherwise complex or daunting digital principles and perspectives and discerns how best to apply them to solve problems and create growth in an ultra-competitive market.

Specific services apply to DTC and e-retail brand and product strategy, digital comms/brand + product positioning, digital footprint, benefit hierarchy, influencer strategy, all things digital.

Leslie is a mom of two boys, Jordan and Jude, lives in suburban, NJ where she serves as Communication Director of her town’s Diversity Committee, and jogs six days a week while listening to audiobooks and podcasts.