Mary Farrell Rodrigues

SVP Marketing and Ecommerce

ReVive Skincare

Mary is a visionary beauty and marketing executive with significant experience in senior
leadership roles. Currently the SVP of Marketing and E-commerce at RéVive, where
she has been instrumental in extracting and setting up the company as a stand-alone
entity. Her guidance and steady focus have helped RéVive to achieve exceptional
growth. Mary’s experience spans from nearly 15 years with beauty industry leader
Esteé Lauder, to a Presidential role at indie brand MDSolarSciences. She was
selected to join Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council
where she was a member of the Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Marketing
Committee. She led strategic development with creative agency AJ Rodrigues Group
and provided digital, social and marketing consulting for a roster of clients that ultimately
brought her to RéVive.