Meryl Marshall


Hynt Beauty

Why is CEW membership important to you?

My CEW membership is important to me as it keeps me informed of the most important changes, advancements and developments going on in the beauty industry. For example, I check their daily newsletters and Open Forum Digests. From the forums, I have connected with many suggested professionals in the industry and conducted business with recommended reputable resources. I have posted questions and have received valued advice.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of CEW membership?

I would suggest that your members make an effort to participate in the many events with valuable content that are offered by CEW. I have participated several times in the CEW/Refinery 29 Indie Workshops where I learned valuable information from industry professionals. I loved learning from dynamos such as Laura Geller, Lisa Price, Rich Gersten and so many other outstanding leaders that have paved the way for the indie brands. A large gathering was broken down into small groups of indies, led by an industry pioneer where we worked on various subjects such as our elevator pitches, making better choices in packaging, working with a large retailer with its rewards and pitfalls, financing, and staffing among other themes.

Additionally, I have viewed several informative webinars and have attended various events where I networked with attendees and saw presentations such as Women’s Leadership Awards. I also enjoyed the excitement of discovery at the Insider’s Choice Beauty Awards Demo.

How do you think Covid-19 will impact the future of the beauty industry?

Covid-19 has profoundly changed how we feel about the world around us. Retail was changing before the pandemic, so it only further slipped away from us and we were all ‘trained’ to purchase our goods differently. The size of department stores is daunting as we are all time deprived due to the demands of work and caring for our families.

I see what is happening in my neck of the woods whereas we are now shopping in smaller specialized stores where we get personalized service and have a great selection of what we really desire. Of course, we are all shopping more online as well. Many beauty brands are expanding their sampling programs so that the consumer can experience shade and performance before making a full-size selection. Hynt Beauty implemented sampling upon our launch back in 2015 and we now are selling a high quantity of samples as well as offering some as giveaways and GWP. This has substantially increased our sales, even during the pandemic.

Now, more than ever people are looking for more natural, healthy options. Stores like The Detox Market, where Hynt Beauty is proudly sold can only excel moving forward as the sales staff is knowledgeable and the selection is geared towards the consumer that is focused on products housed in more sustainable packaging and products that are made with mindful ingredients. Stores that become a part of the community and offer informative and fun events will be a greater trend.

The cosmetic store experience will change as testers are not for the consumers to touch and apply on their own. One salesperson will be assigned per client and that person will swatch the color onto their own hand. The testers can be more easily maintained with proper sterilization and no cross contamination.

We are also thrilled to partner with where we are a part of “Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty.” Companies that continue to move in the direction of such trends and adapt to the market will be more successful.

As this pandemic lifts, there will be a strong desire to enjoy life again and that includes refreshing our makeup and skincare stash and all the other fun stuff.

What advice do you have for any beauty entrepreneurs, who are inspired to start their own companies during this time or entrepreneurs who already have a small business?

I hear that now it is a bit easier than ever for newbie beauty entrepreneurs to launch a new brand. There are white label products that may be chosen that are already in packaging and brand labels only need to be applied. Also, some smaller contractors are now willing to make smaller batches of goods based on their library of formulations and ingredients they already have on hand. Budget needs to be appropriated for marketing, PR, influencers, sampling, staff, warehousing, office space,

Regardless of this newer ease, it is important to bear in mind that it requires a huge budget to support and nurture the brand to grow. Equally as important is passion, drive, tenacity, and energy. A true entrepreneur knows, especially early on, that they will experience very long workdays, involving hands on tasks as overhead such as staff is costly.