Michelle Lee

Editor in Chief


Michelle Lee is the Editor in Chief of Allure. Since taking the helm in 2015, she has transformed Allure into an innovative, multi-faceted brand that champions diversity and challenges old-fashioned beauty standards. She was named Adweek’s Editor of the Year in 2017, while Allure was named Magazine of the Year for their groundbreaking covers, such as the July 2017 This Is American Beauty cover featuring model Halima Aden in a hijab and their September 2017 oath to ban the term “anti-aging” from their lexicon, which sparked global conversation about how we speak about aging. Under her tenure, visitors to allure.com have nearly tripled and video views increased significantly. She has also helped to grow the brand’s ancillary businesses like the Allure Beauty Box, which continues to see YoY growth. Prior to Allure, Michelle was Editor in Chief of NYLON, NYLON Guys, and nylon.com. In 2015, she launched NYLON Studio, the company’s in-house creative agency and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer, putting her in charge of ideation and execution of native advertising, in addition to her EIC role.