Tara Foley



Tara Foley is a passionate clean beauty advocate, activist and entrepreneur. In 2013 she founded Follain (Gaelic for “healthy and wholesome”) as a retail brand dedicated to selling the safest, most effective, and most luxurious nontoxic personal care products. Follain was the first beauty store in the U.S. to have a public facing Restricted Substance List, or ingredient policy created to protect human and environmental health. In addition to curating the best clean beauty retail, Follain’s eponymous, award-winning line of daily skincare essentials is growing at other leading retailers, from Goop to ULTA and beyond. Tara is dedicated to helping consumers everywhere discover products that won’t compromise their health for beauty. She is a founding Board member of the trade association NOHBA and she works with various other nonprofits and advocacy groups fighting for better education, access, and regulation in the beauty industry.