Nancy Twine

Founder & CEO


Briogeo founder, Nancy Twine, is no newcomer to the beauty-sphere – in fact, she made

her first foray into the world of natural product formulation at the ripe age of five.

During childhood visits to West Virginia, Nancy would assume the role of sous chef to her

grandmother, the town’s resident beauty guru, in making her coveted homemade hair care.

After an early-twenties move to New York City forced Nancy to trade out her homemade

essentials for the store-bought variety, she quickly realized that the natural hair care on

the market simply did not live up to its performance claims. Armed with a tiny East

Village studio apartment, her grandmother’s coveted beauty recipes and a rockstar

natural chemist team, Nancy founded Briogeo Hair Care.


“Brio” is an Italian word that means “vibrant and full of life” – representing not only the bustling city in which the brand

was born, but the thoughtfully energetic and artistic packaging that houses each formula.

“Geo” is a Latin word meaning “of Earth and nature,” which represents the pure, yet

potent, recipes of each formula.


Beauty shouldn’t be compromised by harsh or harmful ingredients, which is why all

Briogeo formulas live up to their performance claims – providing the vibrant,

beautiful and healthy hair we constantly strive to achieve.