Cannafloria Essentials

Be Clear Inhalation Pouch

2020 Finalist

The invigorating Be Clear Inhalation Pouch clears your senses to help you breathe easy in an instant—no matter where you are. Let the cool, minty notes of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Lemongrass enhanced with the cannabis terpene Eucalyptol help clear away tightness and pressure. Eucalyptol terpenes derived from the hemp plant are an extremely potent bronchodilator, which promotes physical and mental alertness. The key ingredients relieve symptoms related to allergies and the common cold. Eucalyptus purifies and refreshes your nasal passages, while Tea Tree strengthens and protects against airborne intruders. If you’re feeling under the weather, this combination of essential oils &hemp terpenes help to combat exhaustion and refresh the spirit.

Unlike most aromatherapy products, the Be Clear Inhalation Pouch offers a revolutionary alternative to the typical topical essential oils that often cause a mess or skin irritation. Each pouch contains infused beads that are scented with key essential oils and cannabis terpenes. This delivery system allows for ease of transport (whether you are on-the-go or at your desk) and direct transmission to receptors in your nasal passages that relieve symptoms and work fast. Each pouch is long lasting, and when stored properly, will last up to two weeks. There are two Be Clear Inhalation Pouches in each package.

Cannafloria products, including the Be Clear Inhalation Pouches, are currently available at independent specialty retailers and through Cannafloria’s online website at

Cannafloria Essentials is redefining body care, aromatherapy, and self-care by formulating every product to help users achieve the “essential high” through the combination of essential oils and cannabis terpenes, which are the microscopic mood modulators secreted by the plant that affect our sense of smell. Launched by Aromafloria, the 30-year leader in eco-friendly aromatherapy bath and body products, Cannafloria Essentials’ hemp-infused body products allow you to feel more connected to Mother Earth, so you can relax and breathe the moment. The entire product line contains THT™, or Thera Hemp Terpenes™, which is the proprietary blend of cannabis terpenes from Cannafloria Essentials that provides naturally calming effects for body and mind.