New Avon is preparing to unveil multiple cross- branded partnerships with LG Household & Health Care, which acquired the company for $125 million cash in April. The new innovations are driven by its access to LG H&H’s R&D and technology, and are designed to modernize Avon’s offerings influenced by top trends using the latest formulas.

Two of the collaborations were recently revealed. The first will be a partnership with The Face Shop, a flagship beauty brand and retailer of LG H&H, which currently has 1,200 stores in Korea. The Avon x The Face Shop skin care and makeup collection will include exclusive shade ranges, healthy ingredients, and new-to-Avon formats such as the popular Korean cushion formulations of foundation, highlighter and blush.

The second collaboration will be a partnership with Chi, featuring three hair care products that utlize a blend of certified organic botanicals including aloe vera, pomegranate and hibiscus.

In support of its upcoming launches, as well as the overall brand, Avon will roll out new programs with the goal of growing and diversifying their consumer and representative base. Their network of 250,000 sales representatives throughout North America will also be boosted with a new gift program with Swarovski crystal that recognizes top team builders.