As we look to continue to nurture our minds and business during these social distancing times, CEW has opened access to all of our past webinars.  We hope these webinars will help you and your teams move forward in these unchartered waters:

CEW Founder Fridays: Clean Beauty Virtual Meetup

Join CEW and beauty industry experts for a live, virtual conversation, as we discuss Clean Beauty: What’s Next? CEW’s community is stronger together, and we invite you to share your experiences or simply listen in as we learn from experts and each other, all while building your network.


  • Sarah Biggers-Stewart – Founder, CLOVE + HALLOW
  • Emilie Hoyt – Founder, LATHER
  • Bethany McDaniel – Founder, Primally Pure
  • Allison Teasdale – CFO, Unwrapped Life
  • Holly Thaggard – Founder, Supergoop!

CEW Founder Fridays: Virtual Meetups to Power Small Businesses

Join CEW and beauty industry experts for live, virtual conversations covering everything small businesses need to know in these challenging times. CEW’s community is stronger together, and we invite you to share your experiences or simply listen in as we learn from experts and each other, all while building your network.

  • Cheryl Yannotti Foland – Founder, lilah b.
  • Stephanie Morimoto – CEO, Asutra
  • Danielle Raynor – Founder, Lavanila
  • Hope Smith – Founder, MUTHA
  • Brianne West – Founder, Ethique

The beauty retailing environment continues to be dynamic, echoing the needs of a changing consumer at a rapid pace. The COVID-19 crisis is impacting how consumers shop like never before. Prior to this world event, physical stores had been revamped with digital tools to seamlessly integrate the shopping experience both online and in store. Will these changes be enough to help the market recover, and how can marketers and retailers address consumer needs in the meantime?

In a little over two decades, people of color will encompass the “New Majority”, and the Beauty Industry needs to position itself now in marketing to them. Black & Brown women, in particular, are already highly engaged, spending $7.5 BN annually in the category. So why isn’t the Industry placing darker-skinned women’s needs and wants at the center of their product development and marketing strategies? Answer: It’s complicated.

But in this first-of-its kind webinar, we address the nuances of the multicultural beauty market, it’s growth patterns, and the strategies needed to make meaningful consumer connections uncomplicated. Including:

  • Understanding Cultural Relevancy
  • The Power of Language
  • Bridging the Knowledge Gap
  • Building Inclusive Brands

Join us for a curated virtual tour of the first-ever free-standing Makeup Museum in NYC led by Doreen Bloch, Executive Director of the Makeup Museum, with introductory remarks by CEW President Carlotta Jacobson.  Be one of the first to explore the debut exhibition: “Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America” and enjoy makeup history like never seen before.

CEW Founder Fridays: Virtual Meetups to Power Small Businesses

Join CEW and beauty industry experts for live, virtual conversations covering everything small businesses need to know in these challenging times. CEW’s community is stronger together, and we invite you to share your experiences or simply listen in as we learn from experts and each other, all while building your network.

Speakers Include:

  • Carolyn Aronson – CEO & Founder, It’s A 10 Haircare
  • Elizabeth Barbalich – Founder, Antipodes
  • Cat Chen – Founder, Skylar
  • Mahisha Dellinger – Founder, CURLS
  • Jamie Glassman – CEO, Mubic and ONE CLICK b.EAUTY

Perfect Corp.’s CEO, Alice Chang, will give insight into the new “touchless” and “contactless” beauty journey and how brands can create interactive digital experiences to stay connected with their consumers.


  • Alice Chang, Perfect Corp.

The history of global crises, including (but not limited to) pandemics, reveals consistent patterns of human behavior with indications for what we can expect in the near- and long-term, and suggests opportunities for the beauty industry to lean into emerging social changes.


  • Miranda Gordon, MANE

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the globe, influencing our emotional states and behaviors in different ways. In understanding the consumer, it’s important to map out the various emotional landscapes of the pandemic, and to understand their needs in order to develop emotionally intelligent strategies for reaching consumers in this ever-changing climate.


  • Melissa Hago, Fashion Snoops

Insight on the dramatic shifts seen across the talent spectrum from managing remote teams, to shifts in organizational design and structure, the race to invest in digital, and the trends emerging amongst both the talent market and hiring community alike.


  • Amanda O’Sullivan, 24 Seven
  • Lisa Marie Ringus, 24 Seven

Description: CEW Founder Fridays are live, virtual conversations covering everything small beauty businesses need to know in these challenging times. On this call you’ll hear experts cover: brand pivoting & strategy, messaging to consumers, sampling and working remotely.

Speakers Include:

  • Monica Aurigemma and Kim Van Haaster – Founders, Bloomeffects
  • Marla Beck – CEO & Founder, Bluemercury
  • Shani Darden – Founder, Shani Darden Skin Care
  • Nyakio Grieco – Founder, Nyakio
  • Katerina Yoffe Larden – Founder & CEO, Hey Honey
  • Angela Umelo – CEO, Salt and Earth Labs

Description: Now that stores are reopening and customers are shopping again, if you’re a brand, you’re probably thinking about how to put sales talent back into stores to drive engagement and increase sales. Join Glenn Laumeister, CEO, AllWork, and Amanda Domaleczny, VP of Global Sales, TULA Skincare, for a case study on engaging your retail audience with AllWork’s technology platform and how you can apply these best practices when re-entering the retail scene. Whether you are an indie company just gaining entry into brick and mortar, or a brand with an established in-store presence, this webinar will share best practices on how to maximize the return of investment of your sales force and enhance the in-store experience for the new retail environment.

Speakers: Amanda Domaleczny, VP of Global Sales and Education, TULA Skincare; Glenn Laumeister, CEO, AllWork

Description: CEW Founder Fridays are live, virtual conversations covering everything small beauty businesses need to know in these challenging times. On this call you’ll hear experts cover: brand pivoting & strategy, messaging to consumers, sampling and working remotely.

Speakers Include:

  • Larry Berman – Senior Vice President Sales, North America, Arcade Beauty
  • Kendra Butler – Founder, Alpyn Beauty
  • Gigi Goldman – Co-Founder, Kopari
  • Susan Griffin-Black – Founder & Co-CEO, EO Products
  • Brook Harvey-Taylor – Founder & President, Pacifica Beauty
  • Kim Kimble – Celebrity Hairstylist & Founder, Kim Kimble Beauty

Description: Join Beautycounter’s SVP of Social Mission, Lindsay Dahl and Preen.Me’s Partner and Head of Global Partnerships, Danya Klein as they team up to spotlight the ingredient, Mica, and why the demand for sustainable supply chains with clean and safe products will only accelerate in the period following COVID-19.

Together they will present:

    • Sustainability Trends: the consumer trend based on Instagram metadata (1.8 million clean beauty posts).
    • How brands can build their company’s responsible sourcing program through tools like: supply chain audits, traceability technology, local NGO

Speakers: Lindsay Dahl, SVP of Social Mission, Beautycounter; Danya Klein, Partner and Head of Global Partnerships, Preen.Me

Description: Live, virtual conversation covering everything small businesses need to know in these challenging times. This session covers the following topics: brand pivoting & strategy, messaging to consumers, manufacturing & formulation and working remotely.


  • Brandi Blocker – Founder, LaPierre Cosmetics
  • Emily Heitman – Founder, LEEF Organics
  • Lorne Lucree – Chief Innovation Officer, Voyant Beauty
  • Mark Peter Rice – CEO & Co-Founder, Ogee

Description: Jane Iredale shares her personal journey of finding the right investment partner as her company embarked on its next phase of growth. Joined by Scott Potter, Managing Partner, San Francisco Equity Partners, and Chris Payne, CEO, Jane Iredale, hear how the company has identified strategic initiatives, and navigated the current pandemic. Moderated by Andrew Charbin, Managing Director, The Sage Group.

Speakers: Jane Iredale, Founder, Jane Iredale; Chris Payne, CEO, Jane Iredale; Scott Potter, Managing Partner, San Francisco Equity Partners; Andrew Charbin, The Sage Group

Description: CEW Founder Fridays are live, virtual conversations covering everything small beauty businesses need to know in these challenging times. On this call you’ll hear experts cover the following topics: messaging to consumers, brand pivoting, social media, brand launches, product development, and working remotely.


  • Karen Behnke, Founder – Juice Beauty
  • Megan Driscoll, Founder – EvolveMKD
  • Triniti Gawthrop, Founder – Ami Wellness
  • Caroline Hadfield, President – Pipette
  • Tina Hedges, Founder – Loli Beauty
  • Charlotte Knight, Founder – Ciaté London
  • Ju Rhyu, CEO/ Co-Founder – Hero Cosmetics

Description: What can we uncover about the beauty consumer psyche by looking at Google data? How has the beauty landscape shifted and how can marketers benefit from these changes? Join Google to learn how to leverage this exclusive data in the positioning of your brand.

Speaker: David Klingbeil, Global Insights Manager for Luxury & Beauty, Google

Description: Insight into the new “touchless” and “contactless” beauty journey and how brands can create interactive digital experiences to stay connected with their consumers.

Speakers: Wayne Liu, Senior Vice President & General Manager, PERFECT Corp., Gen Obata, Vice President of Global Retail Experience, Estée Lauder

Description: As the President of Dermstore, an online retailer with over 20 years of success, Cyndi Isgrig will discuss consumer behavior shifts and retail trends coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.  Drawing on the company’s rich history, she’ll also forecast the lasting impacts brands and retailers will face as a result, sharing her strategies for navigating changing landscapes as we enter the NEXT WAVE OF BEAUTY RETAIL.

Speaker: Cyndi Isgrig, President, Dermstore

Description: A crisis can create new consumer preferences, new budget constraints, new supply chain realities, and many more unexpected changes and challenges. Responding creatively, boldly and systematically can help your business weather the storm, and also uncover new strengths and opportunities for growth. Peach & Lily shares their Crisis Playbook—and describes the specific strategic and tactical choices they have made to protect and grow their business during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaker: Alicia Yoon, Founder, Peach & Lily

Description: CEW Founder Fridays are live, virtual conversations covering everything small beauty businesses need to know in these challenging times. On this call you’ll hear experts cover the following topics: adapting your brand to this new normal, positioning your brand to consumers, creative messaging, and managing your team and business remotely.


  • Mimi Banks, Founder & CEO – MB Social
  • Allison Moss, Founder – Type:A Brands
  • Claire Nilsson, Senior VP of Beauty – Kaplow Communications
  • Janna Ronert, Founder – Image Skincare
  • Savannah Sachs, CEO – TULA

Description: As brands try to navigate through this turbulent time, some of the bright spots will be experienced by direct-to-consumer brands that offer customized solutions. Personalized beauty through consultations and customized product solutions can help consumers who cannot make the trip to their favorite store, spa, salon, or doctor. Kline will share success stories in personalized beauty and how marketers can leverage these best practices to make their brands more relevant in today’s environment.

Speaker: Karen Doskow, Director, Beauty & Personal Care, Kline & Company

Description: As Gen Z approaches a major life moment—entering adulthood— they are turning to Pinterest t discover themselves and who they want to become. Get access to new research about the characteristics
and consumption behaviors of this generation, the role a visual discovery platform such as Pinterest plays in the consumer journey and how beauty and wellness brands can best reach this group of evolving consumers.

Speakers: Hana Ben-Shabat, Founder, Gen Z Planet; Rachel Goodman, Head of Beauty Partnerships, Pinterest; Jenna Landi, Head of CPG Insights, Pinterest

Description: Wendy Liebmann, WSL Strategic Retail CEO and Chief Shopper, hosts a webinar about how shopper attitudes and behaviors are dynamically changing as we transition from a health crisis to a financial crisis, including implications, emerging issues and opportunities, all helping to lay the groundwork for The Next Normal.

Speaker: Wendy Liebmann, Founder, CEO and Chief Shopper, WSL Strategic Retail

Description: Consumer demand for clean beauty is on the rise and is expected to generate nearly $25 billion by 2025. But, how do consumers define “clean” and how knowledgeable are they on the ways ingredients and products are categorized? Using proprietary data from more than 20k women, Influenster shares insights into consumer sentiment, perspective and purchase behavior for the clean beauty market.

Speakers: Alex Kirk, Director of B2B Marketing and Research, Influenster; Elizabeth Scherle, Co-Founder and President, Influenster

Description: The Class by Taryn Toomey is a transformative workout of the body and mind. Founder Taryn Toomey will explain The Class method and how the business has grown from a New York studio-based practice to a global community. Following that, she will take you through a 10-minute movement series (low impact, nothing but your attention required) followed by a Q&A session.

Speaker: Taryn Toomey, Founder, The Class

Description: Join Linda Wells for an exclusive webinar about opening yourself up to opportunities, honing your expertise, learning to pivot and looking to the future in the constantly changing world of beauty.

Speaker: Linda Wells, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Allure; Founder, Flesh Beauty

Description: With many people staying at home to slow the spread of COVID-19, brands are experiencing a dramatic shake down of their planned influencer marketing activities. It can be a turbulent time, as brands seek the right strategies to engage influencers while navigating an unprecedented global challenge. Hear from Conor Begley, Co-Founder and President of
Tribe Dynamics as he shares how to continue to foster an impactful influencer family during uncertain times.

Speakers: Conor Begley, Co-Founder and President, Tribe Dynamics

Description: Join Glow Recipe co-founders, Sarah Lee & Christine Chang, as they demonstrate how an independent, digitally native beauty brand is finding creative ways to adapt daily business practices in challenging times. With the introduction of social distancing, Glow Recipe has found unique ways to connect and engage their community through virtual consultations, interactive Live sessions, and more. Tune in to see how one company has pivoted strategy in the current social climate.

Speakers: Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, Co-Founders, Glow Recipe

Description: Join Sally Anne Hughes, an investment banker with Hughes Klaiber; Allison Brack, CPA and tax partner with Citrin Cooperman; and Laura Corvo, employment attorney with White & Williams, to learn how the stimulus package and other recent legislation can help you address the challenges of COVID-19. We’ll show you how to obtain loans and grants through the CARES Act; cover important changes to reduce or defer your taxes; discuss changes to employment laws; and share updates on benefits you must provide to employees. Tune in for updates, practical tips and answers to your questions, to help navigate this challenging time.

Speaker: Sally Anne Hughes, Investment Banker, Hughes Klaiber;
Allison Brack, CPA and tax partner, Citrin Cooperman;
Laura Corvo, Employment Attorney, White & Williams

Description: Join this webinar with Marie La France, Dash Hudson, to explore the implications of AI in social commerce. Learn how technology can predict how visual content will perform on social platforms before it is even shared, and how this data can inform your marketing strategy to produce stronger engagement and conversions.

Speaker: Marie La France, Executive Director of Corporate Strategy, Dash Hudson

Description: CEW Founder Fridays are live, virtual conversations covering everything small beauty businesses need to know in these challenging times. On this call you’ll hear experts cover: motivating teams & working remotely, general brand strategies & challenges for the current business climate, managing cash flow, messaging & communication with customers and retail concerns & DTC strategies


  • Maureen Case – CEO, Augustinus Bader
  • Laura Lisowski Cox – Founder, Oars + Alps
  • Heather Fink – Founder, The Sexiest Beauty
  • Divya Gugnani – Founder, Wander Beauty
  • Sally Anne Hughes – Founder, Hughes Klaiber
  • Allison Moss – Founder, Type A Brands
  • Stephanie Scott – Founder, First & Last PR
  • Shelly Simone – Director of Business Strategy, Pure Scentum

Description: Join Agapi Stassinopoulos, best-selling author and speaker, for a complimentary 30-minute guided meditation designed to help you move beyond the fear and stress of what is happening in the world around us. Build your resilience and inner strength, encouraging your transition to a centered state of wellness and calm.

Speaker: Agapi Stassinopoulos

Description: Sustainability is a requirement for new and existing brands as well as a driver of innovation and opportunity across the beauty industry. Join The NPD Group’s beauty industry analyst, Larissa Jensen, for an exploration of North American beauty trends, the role of sustainability, and the beauty industry’s response. Dive into the key trends including current well-executed sustainability strategies and projections for the future.

Speaker: Larissa Jensen, Vice President, Beauty Industry Analyst, The NPD Group

Description: Futurists predict 1 in 4 adults will be single by year 2030. As a result, culture is experiencing a push to reframe single people as they really are: confident, fulfilled and empowered. But are brands keeping up with this messaging? As more people consciously choose to remain single, the Single Age represents an economic force that can reshape markets and new standards of living. Explore the different trends of singledom, their impact and what they mean for your brand during this exclusive webinar with JWT Intelligence.

Speaker: Emma Chiu, Creative Innovation Director, JWT Intelligence

Description: Through an analysis of millions of fragrance reviews, spanning the Mass, Prestige and Indie markets, this Webinar will explore the sub-categories, brands and products with the most review volume and growth to uncover new insights and trends. In addition, Influenster will share the results of a custom survey detailing consumer shopping and purchase behaviors for the fragrance category.

Speaker: Elizabeth Scherle, Co-Founder and President, Influenster

Description: 2019 will be a year of change. With increased purchasing power, empowered consumers are pushing brands to embrace their values. Connected consumers are finding the joy in disconnecting. Older consumers want to feel and be treated as younger. Join CEW and Euromonitor in this webinar to discuss how consumer behavior will evolve and which trends will have the most impact this year.

Speakers: Alison Angus, Head of Lifestyles, Euromonitor International

Description: CBD infused beauty products have quickly made their mark on the industry. Both established, and indie, beauty brands are incorporating the ingredient in their skincare and color offerings, but what does the future hold? During this exclusive webinar, you will learn how CBD is impacting beauty, what new innovations to expect, and how leading companies have adapted the trend.

You will learn:
• How the CBD landscape is defined
• Growth and impact of the category on beauty
• Unique ingredient benefits
• Innovation and marketing opportunities for brands
• Future trend predictions of cannabis and its implications for beauty

Speakers: Lucie Greene, Founder, Light Years

Description: A result of a collaboration between CEW and executive recruiting firm, 24 Seven, the report is a compilation of compensation, attitude and behavior insights from employers and job seekers in the beauty industry. Some results? To start, competition for talent is greater in 2019 than it was last year. And, a majority of beauty executives surveyed feel the odds are strongly in their favor to land a comparable or better job, while some companies are refreshing their approach to talent management to compete in today’s candidate-driven hiring market.

Speakers: Lisa Marie Ringus, the EVP, Global Sales & Business Development at 24 Seven

Description: The 2018 holiday season will set the tone for success in 2019. Every year, Salesforce experts analyze shopping behavior based on the activity of hundreds of millions of shoppers during the peak season to identify emerging retail trends. This year, Salesforce data was featured in USA Today, CNBC, and beyond. In this exclusive webinar, hear a wrap-up spotlighting health & beauty holiday data. Stemming from those findings, you’ll also hear Salesforce’s top three trends that will drive health & beauty digital shopping behaviors next year.

Speakers: Heiki Young, Senior Manager, Industry Strategy & Insights, Salesforce

Description: Expert guidance in optimizing your brand’s YouTube impact. Google Beauty pros Flynn Matthews, Marketing Strategist of Beauty and Charlotte van der Smeede, Beauty Brand Lead, share best practices on developing impactful content, leveraging influencers and managing a YouTube channel.

Speakers: Flynn Matthews, Marketing Strategist of Beauty and Charlotte van der Smeede, Beauty Brand Lead

Description: Today there are over 11 million women-owned businesses in the United States, and the growth of the indie sector in the Beauty Industry continues to rise. Join, Alisa Beyer, serial entrepreneur, beauty industry veteran and founder of LemonTree Partners, as she provides strategies for staying centered, empowered and healthy, while moving your business forward.

Speakers: Alisa Beyer, CEO of LemonTree Partners

Description: The beauty industry has been heavily influenced by Korean beauty trends but what are they and how do you identify what’s most relevant for you? Get ahead of the phenomenon during a webinar with Peach & Lily Founder & CEO, Alicia Yoon. Access insights you need to be able to capitalize on the best innovations coming out of K-beauty for your own brand.

Speakers: Alicia Yoon, Founder & CEO, Peach and Lily

Description: In their Q2 2018 report, Tribe Dynamics took a closer look at beauty products that have performed exceptionally well in the digital space, including longtime mainstays like Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow Pomade and new staples that have taken the world by storm like Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Foundation. Now is your opportunity to hear insights on the influence of influencers and their contribution to a brand’s success:

• How influencers contribute to the performance of individual products
• The role influencers play in launches
• The tried-and-true realm of influencer collaborations
• What stands out the most – content, inspiration or products?

Speakers: Brit McCorquodale, SVP, Tribe Dynamics

Description: With over 70% of women online using Pinterest to plan all aspects of their lives, Pinterest’s Head of Market Development, Vikram Bhaskaran reveals:

• How Pinners use Pinterest for beauty
• What data is used to power the taste graph
• Past and current beauty trends in 2018
• What brands can do to action against trends

Speakers: Vikram Bhaskaran, Head of Market Development, Pinterest

Description: Influenster’s latest Haircare Insights Report, including key takeaways on:

• Trends in care, styling, color, hair accessories and styling tools
• The brands and products driving the most organic reviews
• User-generated photos that drove the most engagement
• How hair hype affects how people review products
• The hair solutions consumers are looking for

Speakers: Elizabeth Scherle, Co-Founder and President, Influenster and Susanna Goldfinger, Director of Insights, Influenster

Description: Experts from Tribe Dynamics share never released data from their latest report on Influencer & Brand marketing! In the webinar you will learn:

• How beauty brands develop influencer marketing strategies
• How to grow your earned media efforts
• What motivates influencers

Speakers: Brit McCorquodale, SVP, Tribe Dynamics

Description: TrendWatching’s Jennifer Barckley discusses the 4 Mega-Trends impacting the beauty industry and how to interpret them into business ideas.

Speakers: Jennifer Barckley, Head of TrenchWatching Academy, TrendWatching

Description: Your opportunity to hear Lucie Greene, J. Walter Thompson’s internationally in-demand trend expert, discuss the most significant disruptors affecting beauty right now, including:

1. Gen Z Rising
2. Channel Change + Frontierless Retail
3. New markets demanding diversity
4. Changing notions of beauty
5. The New Influencers

Speakers: Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director, The Innovation Group, J. Walter Thompson

Description: Beauty is very much about identity and perception. The Fall Winter 2018/19 color forecast raises the question: “What is real?” Discover three exciting, upcoming color directions set to impact the beauty industry, including cool mineral hues, strange metallics, and high contrast moonlight tones.

In this webinar, BEAUTYSTREAMS Creative Director Michel Nolte will share:

• New story concepts for Fall Winter 2018/19
• Future color palettes for the beauty industry
• Implications for product development and marketing
• How to turn this information into successful products

Speakers: Michael Nolte, Creative Director, BEAUTYSTREAMS

Description: Keeping up with the warp-speed changes in digital and social media is a challenge facing every beauty brand, big and small. To help you get a grip on today’s most effective strategies for optimizing ROI, Trendalytics’ Co-Founder and CEO, Karen Moon, will share data on the latest trends in social chatter, consumer behavior and share images.

Speakers: Karen Moon, Co-Founder and CEO, Trendalytics