Laura Schubert

Founder and CEO


Laura was immediately intrigued when she and her sister were discussing exciting trends in beauty towards natural products and defining your own beauty, and away from prescribed standards. As they talked, she realized available body hair products were not in line with this movement—the ingredients were harsh, the packaging was unsophisticated, and they focused only on removal—hair as a problem. Not only did she want Fur products as a consumer, but as a business person, she realized that the potential market was huge: every adult person has pubic hair. She started calling chemists that day.

Prior to Fur, Laura was a management consultant at Bain and Company. Interested in starting her own business since graduate school, she honed her skills while waiting for the right idea and the right team to launch a new venture. Fur seemed like the perfect opportunity to create an entirely new beauty category with her sister and close friend, who also happened to have complementary backgrounds.

Laura grew up in the Riverdale section of the Bronx in New York City. Lillian is her best friend from seventh grade. She graduated with a BA magna cum laude with highest honors from Harvard University, and an MBA with distinction from Columbia University. When she’s not discussing people’s most intimate grooming rituals, she enjoys travel, sailing and opera.