Introducing the CEW Beauty Creators Awards

The CEW Beauty Creators Awards, formerly known as the CEW Beauty Awards, will focus now – more than ever – on our own people, the Beauty Creators and their teams. We remain committed to ensuring they continue to deliver the most value, the strongest visibility, as well as heightened relevancy and credibility with the consumer.

CEW believes in the power of the beauty industry and its people, and our annual Awards are, and always have been, a recognition of excellence in the industry.

CEW Beauty Previews

Revealing 2021’s Beauty Creators Awards Finalists

Hear which brands & products became finalists, join in networking, listen to engaging panels and more during our event on July 13th!

Key Dates

Early Entries: April 1 – April 14 (11:59 PM EST)

Late Entries: April 15 – May 6

CEW Beauty Creators Finalists Announcement: July 13

Member Voting: July 13 – August 8

CEW Beauty Creators Winners Celebration: November 3

CEW Beauty Creators Awards Voting

Finalists for the Beauty Creators Awards are selected by CEW Ambassadors, industry insiders and experts in the field of beauty. Winners are selected by the CEW Members.  All voting is confidential and is officially tabulated by EY.

Entries Are Now Closed!

If you need additional information on the entry process or need to manage your entry, please see below.



Top Talent Awards

CEW identifies the next generation of women leaders who excel in their positions and contribute to company-wide initiatives.

2020 Beauty Awards

The 2020 CEW Beauty Awards Winning a CEW Beauty Award is the industry's highest honor, as the Beauty Awards continue to be the only awards selected by industry insiders -...